We specialize in commercial security

Many Counties fine for False Alarms.  We do everything in our power to eliminate any false alarms from faulty equipment, by using high quality equipment and parts.  We tailor each Commercial Installation according to our customer’s security concerns and needs. This helps to eliminate many false alarm fines, and many middle of the night phone calls!  We do whatever it takes to ensure that your system is installed and functions properly so you system will last for years to come!

In addition to traditional commercial security, we also offer integrated commercial fire, access and video systems.

We do not use subcontractors.  All Installations and Service Calls are performed by our in house Factory Trained Licensed Technicians.

Lease your commercial security system

We offer flexible purchasing options.  Most of our Commercial Accounts choose to Lease a System from Westminster Security, Co. Inc. 

ALL of our Leased Systems include the following services:

  • High Priority Service Scheduling
  • Inspection                                                             
  • Maintenance
  • Monitoring
  • Opening and Closing Reports
  • Any Parts Required                                     
  • Service Calls- During Regular Business Hours: 8:00- 16:30
  • App Access for User Code Management, User and Event History, &  Remote Arm/Disarm

What you should expect from your commercial security and alarm system

A security system should do much more than just sound an alarm when there’s an intrusion. High-functioning systems provide a complete blanket of security with features and functions that enable our commercial customers to more effectively manage their facility and business.

We provide commercial users with network security solutions that integrate intrusion, fire, and access control into a single, effective system scaled and configured precisely to their needs. Our integrated approach enables them to arm and disarm their system; lock or unlock access-control doors; add or delete system users or change their access rights; change schedules and holiday dates; and run reports for analysis and evaluation. They can manage the system onsite or from any Internet-connected computer.

With our wireless security and alarm systems, our commercial customers avoid the need to drill unsightly holes in walls, floors and ceilings, and gives you greater freedom when placing keypads and sensors. Protect your people, your facility, and your assets with reliable security system. 

DMP Integrated Access Control

This is our best-selling commercial security system. Rather than having multiple systems for access control, intrusion and fire, you can create a single, total security solution. An integrated system is less costly to install, reducing your initial investment. It provides continued savings because a single-system approach means less maintenance and reduced training for your staff. The access and security management software provides the ability to incorporate all elements of your security system, including badging, CCTV camera control, and DVR management. The software consolidates all security management into a single unified solution. DMP technology is designed with broad forward and backward compatibility. With ongoing upgrades and system enhancements, the system you buy today will continue to provide reliable service for many, many years.



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