*Touchscreen keypad also available.

*Touchscreen keypad also available.


We are able to offer a wide array of wireless options for your security needs.

Why Choose Wireless? Wireless systems are reliable, convenient to operate, easily upgraded and expanded. They can even move with you to your next home. Instead of days and countless holes in your walls, wireless systems are neatly installed in hours, saving you annoying disruption. 

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What You Should Expect from a Residential Alarm System

  1. Dual Path Communication to Central Station. Redundant. Reliable.
  2. A distinctive indication that the alarm has tripped while you have been away. Such as a keypad that glows red on alarm.
  3. The ability to silence an alarm without turning the system off in an alarm condition, to determine if there is an intruder.
  4. Alarm verification from the keypad, to notify the central station that it is a real or false alarm.
  5. An easy instant arm feature that eliminates the entry time on your alarm system, for complete security while you are home.
  6. Multiple key fob options for panic, arming, disarming, light control and other features.
  7. Easy exit, to allow someone to leave the home without disarming and rearming the alarm.
  8. A check in to alert you by text when your children return home.
  9. Easy to use apps or text message options for checking the status, arming and disarming the system.
  10. The ability to control lights locks and your thermostat with the same app you use to operate your alarm system.
  11. Maid on workman tokens that allow people you choose to disarm your system, without given them a code.
  12. Easy access to a keypad display of your Security companies contact information for questions or service.
  13. A home, sleep and away option, not just home and away.
  14. An easy to use exit time extension for you to reenter your home for a forgotten item.
  15. A convenient weather forecast for today and tomorrow.
  16. Made in the USA.

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