We are able to protect your most valuable assets, at home and at work, by equipping your home or office with a DMP state-of-the-art security system. Our security systems are designed to provide enhanced comfort, safety, and convenience. All installations are performed by qualified personnel who are fully trained in both fire and security.

Features You Can Depend On!

Red Illuminated Keypad: Most systems automatically reset after an alarm has been tripped. Yours will illuminate red until YOU reset it. If you arrive home and see red, you know there was trouble - and that the intruder could still be inside.

Dual Path Communication: Most system use single path of communication, either a telephone land line or cellular method of communication. DMP panels use both Network and Cellular paths of communication ensuring that your alarm signals reach our Central Monitoring Station!

False Alarm Feature: The system prompts users to answer the question on the keypad “Is this a false alarm” NO YES. With the user’s response, the monitoring center receives a simple response as to whether to dispatch or not.

Two-Button Panic: Call help immediately by pressing the two-button panic key combination on your keypad.

Home/Sleep/Away: The Home button arms only the exterior doors and windows while you’re home so you are free to move around inside. The button for Sleep arms all areas except those near bedrooms. Pressing the Away button fully arms your system.

Stop Burglars at the Door, Before They Get In

Stop Burglars at the Door, Before They Get In

The DMP Virtual Keypad app contains a Doorbell tab available for mobile users.

A watchful eye for peace of mind

Delivering video and voice capabilities at your front door using the Virtual Keypad™ app — the same app you rely on to manage your security and home automation systems.

Virtual Keypad App Doorbell Support

The Virtual Keypad app ensures that you’ll be able to check in on your home whenever you’d like. Any time motion is detected or the doorbell is pressed, you’ll receive a notification and be able to monitor who’s approaching with 1080P precise clarity, 180-degree field of view and Pinch-to-Zoom technology for a closer look.


Never Miss Activity at Your Door

No matter where you’re at, you can see who’s at your door before opening it. Simply check your notifications and talk with visitors using two-way voice communication. This lets you protect yourself and your family from inside while also keeping an eye on delivered packages and other belongings at your front steps while you’re away.


Premium Wi-Fi Signal Strength

The Video Doorbell works on the 2.4 GHz frequency band to ensure better penetration through concrete walls and other obstructions for premium Wi-Fi signal strength outside.

Onboard Storage for Video Clips

A pre-installed 16GB Micro SD Card allows for more than 2,000 stored and encrypted video clips. They’re ready to view anytime and anywhere using the Virtual Keypad app. If your home’s Wi-Fi connection fails, the Video Doorbell will continue to function, and recorded clips are available once your Wi-Fi connection is restored.


Secure and Easy Wi-Fi Configuration Set-up

When you’re ready to begin using the Video Doorbell, your dealer offers professional installation. Once the doorbell is connected to your Wi-Fi network, you can easily manage your doorbell’s Wi-Fi connectivity through the Virtual Keypad app, even if you change Wi-Fi networks.


Over-the-Air Automatic Firmware Updates

There’s no need for service  appointments  with your  dealer to apply firmware updates; as new features are released, your Video Doorbell will update automatically.


Multiple Housing Color Options

The Video Doorbell comes with four interchangeable faceplate options that are easy to install. Color options include black, charcoal, silver, and pearl.


Adjustable Camera Angles

Depending on your entrance layout, the optional Wedge accessories let you adjust the camera angle and customize the exact areas you’d want to be triggered any time motion is detected or the doorbell is pressed.



Use the Virtual Keypad App to remotely access interior and exterior wireless IP video cameras or video history. View the images live, record video clips or have clips e-mailed to you.